Aeronautics was neither an industry nor a science. It was a miracle.

— Igor Sikorsky

We make it happen!

Since 2010, SkyWind Int. Ltd. has been establishing, participating and supporting multiple operations. Beginning as GSA in Hong Kong, the company knew several successful years of sales before growing in to charterer. Cargo at first with few flights at it's counter, the company continued it's expansion with passenger aircraft chartering for a regular full season operations


Saving Costs is our priority.
Just as one of our examples: an optimized Q5 positon on board of this B772F.

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Humanitarian Aid

Over past years, we have been appointed to organize cargo charter flights to difficult, out of reach, destinations or even war zones.

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We are present in Asia, via our Hong Kong Headquarters office. And in Belgium via our Belgian branch at Liege Airport.